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Kia ora, I'm Jess

I am passionate about the restoration of native ecosystems across Canterbury.

I studied ecology and environmental science at the University of Canterbury, earning a BSc and a PgDipSci. During postgrad I had a particular interest in restoration ecology. Following this, I moved on to work in the nursery industry where I gained an understanding of how plantings in Canterbury work. Here I saw that many of our customers would jump straight in the deep end and become discouraged when they didn't get the results they expected. So, I decided to start Leptinella Consulting! I aim to assist people from the get-go so they can get things right the first time, saving time and money.

Are you thinking about planting natives, but have no idea where to begin? Let's have a chat!


Leptinella Consulting is named after me, and I'm named after the very cute native button daisy Leptinella!

When I got married in 2021, I decided to set aside the traditional concept of taking my husband's name. Instead, I felt drawn to our local native plants. As a genus containing many adorable and often rare plants, I couldn't resist choosing Leptinella.

Where did our name come from?

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